Best prepay package under $20

There are so many different prepay options out there that it's hard to work out what's the best offer. Here's a summary of the best package deals for under 20 bucks.

Telecom XT suffers major outage

The Telecom XT network suffered a major outage on December 14th, with virtually all customers south of Taupo unable to text, call, or receive calls since early morning.

Telecom offers free mobile broadband stick

Limited-time offer: Current Telecom Broadband customers are being offered a free mobile broadband stick to let them browse the web while they're out and about.

242,000 XT customers give Telecom an earnings boost

Telecom were upbeat as they announced their earnings for the quarter to 30-Sep-2009. Despite declining revenues the company cited strong performance of their XT network since it's launch in August.

$12/month for "non-stop" txts

Telecom has announced a special offer: Send all the texts you want to any NZ network for just $12 per month...through to Jan 2011.

022 number range opened up

Fancy your own 7-letter "word"-number for your mobile phone? 2degrees mobile have opened up their number range to give your more choice for custom numbers.

0225555555 up for grabs

There's something magic about the mobile number 022 555 5555. At least that's what bidders on the number's trademe auction appear to think.

Free mobile TV trial for telecom XT customers

Telecom mobile have announced a free trial of mobile TV to XT customers until the end of November 2009. Shows are available on demand, 24 hours a day and are scheduled to be available within 12 hours of airing on home TV.

Black + White want your marketing genius

Mobile phone operator Black + White are gearing up for a New Zealand marketing campaign and they'd like you to help them. Just think of a catchy marketing message in 146 characters or less and post it on Black + White's Facebook fan page by August 31

Facebook SMS on your vodafone mobile

VodafoneNZ have tweeted that Facebook SMS is now live for Vodafone NZ. I.e. it's now possible to update your facebook status and do some other facebooky things by TXTing on your vodafone phone.

Facebook mobile TXTing

Facebook Mobile Texts are a great way to keep in touch with facebook if you're not privileged enough to own a smartphone. Simply TXT to a special number to update your status on the go. Here's how to activate facebook texts

Lucky '8' remains at top in third 022 auction

The third batch of 2degrees premium number charity auctions closed on sunday, with prices averaging $1095 per number. The chinese lucky number '8' was popular once again with three of the top four numbers containing series of eights.

Drivers banned from using mobile phones

From the 1st of November 2009 it will be against the NZ road rules for people to talk or text on a mobile phone while driving. It's about time we say.

022 888 8888 goes for $7111

The second batch of premium 022 numbers auctioned off by 2degrees mobile closed yesterday with the average price picking up to $936.36 and the lucky 022 888 8888 fetching an impressive $7111.

Choose your own 022 mobile number!

With 2degrees mobile's recent launch there are plenty of new mobile numbers to choose from. Get in quick and choose a personalised number before all the best ones go!

2degrees debuts with great prepay pricing

2degrees mobile announced their much-anticipated pricing plans today ahead of their official launch. Here are the highlights

Free 2degrees SIM card - Get in quick!

Mobile phone operator 2degrees are offering a free SIM card for a very limited time to kick-start their launch into the New Zealand market.

Momentum builds in 022 auctions

The first batch of 25 mobile numbers auctioned off for the 2degrees network fetched an average $147.50 each but interest in the second batch of numbers is much higher.

Vodafone offer $50 "refer a friend" promotion

Vodafone are offering some incentives to attract new customers to their own network - earn yourself $50 for referring a friend and they'll get themselves a Free Nokia 3120c as an added bonus

Premium 022 mobile numbers up for auction

In the build up to the launch of their new mobile network, 2degrees have put up a series of premium and "word" numbers for auction. Here is the list of numbers being auctioned off