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Facebook Mobile Texts are a great way to keep in touch with facebook if you're not privileged enough to own a smartphone. Simply send a TXT to a special number from your cellphone in order to update your status or check up on friends, etc., and you can customise the facebook settings to receive texts for a variety of activities.

But first up you have to activate facebook texts for your account.

How to activate facebook texts

First ensure that you've entered your mobile number into your facebook profile, then go to and click the link named Sign up for Mobile Texts


  • Select New Zealand and choose your network provider (currently only "New Zealand Telecom" and "Vodafone" are supported - maybe 2degrees will come later?)
  • Click Next


  • Send an SMS containing just the letter f to 3223
  • You should receive an SMS with a comfirmation code almost straight away


  • Enter the confirmation code into the box provided
  • Click Confirm

All done!

That was easy. You should have been redirected to a page saying "Confirmed!", along with information about how to use the service.




MobileOnline said on 19-Aug-2009:
The facebook page mentions that you can send a txt to 32665 to update your status, but we found that didn't work when txting from a vodafone mobile - try 3223 instead
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