2degrees debuts with great prepay pricing


2degrees mobile announced their much-anticipated pricing plans today ahead of their official launch tomorrow.

The highlights are as follows:

New Zealand pricing

44c / minute*calls to any NZ mobile or landline
9c eachSMS to any NZ mobile
50c / MBdata / mobile internet
22c / minutespecial price for magic topups

* Charges are rounded up to the next full minute.

Calling overseas

Pricing remains the same as national rates when calling or texting to a list of 21 countries. i.e. 44c/min for calls and 9c/text. Calls to other countries are at a higher $1.44/min and 20c/text.

Roaming overseas

Roaming is not yet available in all countries. For those countries where roaming is possible, calls start at $1.39/min in Australia up to $7.39/min in Dubai, with a fixed price of $1.00/min for receiving calls and 80c for sending texts. Overseas data charges are a whopping $30/MB so use roaming data very sparingly!

"Magic" top-ups

By topping up your card with $20 you earn a special calling rate of 22c/minute to 2 degrees mobiles and NZ landlines for the next 30 days + you're given 100 free text messages.

SIM cards

Starting from just $2 (includes $2 credit) or $20 (includes $20 credit)

Our take?

We think these prepay prices are pretty good. Definitely a step in the right direction.

The downside? No package deals so heavier users may still find better value on other networks. Also something to bear in mind is that prices for calling on the 2degrees network are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Whatever your take, it's good to have some more competition in the NZ mobile space.

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Raewyn Hart said on 17-Sep-2010, "Pricing":
Please - how much to call Western Samoa - landline or mobile
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