Vodafone offer $50 "refer a friend" promotion


With the new 2degrees mobile phone network on the verge of launching vodafone are offering some incentives to attract new customers to their own network.

Earn yourself $50 for referring a friend and they'll get themselves a Free Nokia 3120c as an added bonus.

The catch?

You must be an existing vodafone On Account customer and your friend needs to sign up to an On Account mobile plan as a new customer through the vodafone online shop. In order to get the credit your friend will need to forward a copy of their invoice email back vodafone along with your name and mobile number.

It appears that any On Account plan will qualify including the cheapest Easy 20 plan at $18.95/month. That works out to $227.40 for a 12 month contract, meaning that a free nokia 3120c and $50 referral fee is a pretty good deal.

Terms and conditions apply so visit vodafone for the full details

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Nil Einne said on 18-Aug-2009, "More details":
Actually, they've either changed the details or perhaps you missed it, but you need the Talker 60 or TXTer 60 plan (NZ$39.95 a month) on a 24 month contract to get the free phone. However you can cancel the contract for a NZ$160+GST fee and unless I missed something, you can do this within the first month (I know Telecom need you to stay with them for 1 month before you can cancel).

This works out to be $160+$20+$39.95 i.e. $219.95 in total. While parallel imported 3120c are about that price, Telecom XT ones are $299 and Vodafone $349. In other words, you can get a 3120c with a good warranty for $219.95, and use it on Telecom XT, Vodafone or 2degrees preplay, or any plan you want. Only downside is you end up with the Vodafone Live firmware...

Of course if everyone starts doing this Vodafone will probably kill the offer or change the conditions to stop future people doing it (which they've explicitly allowed themselves to do). On the other hand, *HINT HINT* it's ending on 1st September. I.E. if everyone is smart and thinks of to those who want to do it and waits until after then to cancel their contract, by the time Vodafone realises it would have come to its natural end anyway so no one is going to lose out.
MobileOnline said on 18-Aug-2009:
Thanks for the great observations Nil
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