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mobileonline said on 7-Mar-2013:
You're a bit late nanak - the numbers were auctioned off 4 years ago. The only way to get the...
nanak said on 7-Mar-2013:
I wanna get 022 500 0000 plz let mw know how to buy it >
texting said on 5-Nov-2012:
Can anyone actually get through 5000 text messages in one month..?
Annette Creagh said on 8-Jul-2012:
Please let me know why my 022 clients are unable to access my Telecom pager numbers as this is a...
Raewyn Hart said on 17-Sep-2010:
Please - how much to call Western Samoa - landline or mobile Thanks Raewyn

Best prepay package under $20

There are so many different prepay options out there that it's hard to work out what's the best offer. But when it comes to cheap package deals it's clear that the major mobile operators are competing and trying to match the best deals out in the market.

Here's a summary of the top prepay mobile deals under 20 bucks from each of the mobile operators. NOTE: These are limited time offers, current as of 05/11/2012.

  # minutes # txts # MB data cost package
- lots of talking 100 300 50 $19 Prepay $19 CHAT Combo
- lots of txting 50 5000 500 $19 Prepay $19 TEXT Combo
- lots of data 30 300 600 $19 Prepay $19 DATA Combo
- lots of talking 60 100 104 $17 Loose Lips
- lots of txting 5001 44 $17 TXT Bomb!
- lots of data 244 $17 Love Bytes
- lots of everything 60 5000 500 $19 Big Value Pack
- lots of talking 100 300 50 $19 Smart 19 Talk
- lots of data 50 5000 500 $19 Smart 19 Data

Telecom XT suffers major outage

The Telecom XT network suffered a major outage today, with virtually all customers south of Taupo unable to text, call, or receive calls since early morning. Mobile broadband and the broadband usage meter were also affected.

Emergency calls were reportedly working but Telecom has advised any affected XT customers to use a landline for emergency calls where possible.

Parts of the network were restored by mid-afternoon but a full recovery was not expected until later in the day.

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Telecom offers free mobile broadband stick

Telecom Broadband customers are being offered a free prepaid Mobile Broadband T-Stick from December 10th, 2009.

The T-Stick is a USB plug and play Mobile Broadband device offered by Telecom that allows you to surf the web from your laptop when you're out and about.

To take advantage of the offer current customers should take a long a copy of their most recent Telecom bill to a Telecom store and purchase 500MB of prepaid data for $29.95.

Not a current Telecom Broadband customer?

This offer is only available to Telecom Broadband customers and a current bill must be presented as proof of this.

However Carly Morris of Telecom Retail has confirmed that people who are not yet Telecom broadband customers will be able to take advantage of the offer if they sign up to Telecom fixed line broadband this month. She also stresses that the free prepaid Mobile Broadband T-Stick is only available while stocks last.

Terms and Conditions apply so visit the telecom website for more information.

242,000 XT customers give Telecom an earnings boost

Telecom were upbeat today as they released their earnings results for the financial quarter to 30 September 2009.

They announced increased net earnings of $163M on revenue of $1356M and attributed some of that success to the strong performance of their XT network since it launched in August. Despite a decline in gross revenues Telecom's net earnings increased $14M from those achieved 1 year ago, though this was partly due to a positive tax effect from changes in tax law.

According to Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds, "Telecom saw a net increase of 64,000 mobile customers during Q1, with 242,000 customers on XT at the end of its first full quarter of operation."

Mr. Reynolds also commented that XT has encouraged existing customers to use their mobile services more, to the tune of a 16% increase in average revenue per user for those customers.

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$12/month for "non-stop" txts

Telecom announced an offer this week that is sure to attract a lot of attention:

Send all the texts you want to any NZ network for just $12 per month.

That's right, unlimited texts for only $12 to any New Zealand mobile phone network.

You can take advantage of this super cheap texting right through until the end of January 2011, but only if you sign up to the deal by 31 January 2010, and you need to be on telecom XT

Of course there are some terms and conditions attached to the offer, most notably the inclusion of a "fair use" policy - if you "considerably exceed historic average text figures" then you may be asked to reduce your texting usage.

i.e. non-stop text is not quite non-stop...

Still, this sounds like a pretty good offer for all you txting maniacs out there.

022 number range opened up

In August we wrote an article showing people how to choose their own 022 number.

Back then the range of possible numbers to choose from was somewhat limited as 2degrees had only opened up the 0220 number range for general registrations. Other numbers were active on the system but you couldn't actually choose them through the Change your number section of the 2degrees website.

Well we've noticed that sometime within the last few days 2degrees have opened up their number range to make the following numbers available for general registration:

  • 0220
  • 0221
  • 0222
  • 0223
  • 0224
  • 0225
  • 0226

From the 2degrees mobile website:

"You can pick from numbers starting with 022 0, 022 1, 022 2, 022 3, 022 4, 022 5 and 022 6."

"Some numbers have already been used, so if the specific number you want isn't available then we're really sorry."

So if you're wanting a 7-letter word number for your mobile phone then you can now try your luck with words starting with the letters a - o

Maybe you'll even snag your own name!

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0225555555 up for grabs

There's something magic about the mobile number 022 555 5555. At least that's what bidders on the number's trademe auction appear to think.

The number was put up for auction last week and received a lot of attention, including 83 comments (+ the seller's replies) and a final bid of $3020 - an amount that failed to meet the reserve.

Many of the earlier comments attempted to rubbish the seller for what they perceived as rip-off price expectations. What they failed to realise though was that the seller had taken on a risk and shelled out $2300 for the number back in August during the second batch of 2degrees charity auctions. Still, that would have meant a tidy 31% profit in just 1.5 months had the number sold for its top bid.

Undeterred by the lack of a sale, the seller relisted the magic number with a $1 reserve and the auction is due to close on Sunday evening, 27th September.

With a definite sale in the making, we expect a lot of bidding and a handsome price this time round.

Free mobile TV trial for telecom XT customers

Telecom mobile have announced a free trial of mobile TV to XT customers until the end of November 2009.

Shows are available on demand, 24 hours a day and are scheduled to be available within 12 hours of airing on home TV. Mobile TV is available to anyone on the XT network with a Mobile TV capable phone.

Pricing has not yet been announced beyond the free trial period, but is likely to follow a fee-based subscription model based on weekly or monthly payments.

Vodafone offer a similar product, Sky Mobile TV, which costs $2.50 per week - the service automatically renews each week but can be cancelled at any time.

Telecom Mobile spokesman Paul Taylor claims an advantage of the XT Mobile TV service over alternative offereings is, "you don't have to watch the whole episode to find out what happened at the end - you can simply skip to the last could watch a couple of chapters on the bus into work, and finish the episode on the way home."

Telecom also point out that XT Mobile TV is powered by QuickPlay Media, claiming a history of high-quality mobile TV and video services.

XT Mobile TV services are available to XT network customers, and are not deducted from data allowances. For more information call Telecom XT on *123

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